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Traditional Hunter Style Dee leather bit

Traditional looking Dee bit. Soft mouth piece encourages your horses comfort carrying the bit

We design several leather bits with your horses comfort in mind. Our bits are of soft veg tan leather and are malleable so that the horse can carry the bit in a comfortable position. Helping ease the tension of bits and bitting. Our war bit is designed to be used with or without a head stall. All our bits can be made custom sizes to suit your needs. Dee’s , loose rings and Pelham shanks are all stainless steel for longevity and quality.    

Loose ring leather bit has a soft pliable mouthpiece that is comfortable for your horse to carry.

All our bits are designed to have A smooth contact with your horses mouth. The seam does not sit on the tongue and the bar area is smooth. 

War Bit


our war bit can be used with or without a head stall/bridle. We do suggest using it with a head stall for your first few rides. Horses with TMJ respond well to this bit. 

Leather Pelham

Leather Pelham with chain and hooks

Leather Pelham is a bit that can give your horse the comfort of the leather mouthpiece with the added control and leverage of the Pelham. 

We can customize the size of any leather bit to your specs


All of our bits are made to your size specs. 

Contact us for any questions


Cintact us for any questions about our leather bits. We love to talk about your horses. 

Check out photos for bit styles

Leather bits are soft. Kindness comes from the riders hands.