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Langton. Ontario


Our Leather Bits Differ From Most

Traditional Hunter Style Dee leather bit

Traditional looking Dee bit. Soft mouth piece encourages your horses comfort carrying the bit

We design several leather bits with your horses comfort in mind. Our bits are of soft veg tan leather and are malleable so that the horse can carry the bit in a comfortable position. Helping ease the tension of bits and bitting. Our war bit is designed to be used with or without a head stall. All our bits can be made custom sizes to suit your needs. Dee’s, Eggbutt , loose rings and Pelham shanks are all stainless steel for longevity and quality.      All our bits are custom to your specs and can be made in any size.  All leather bits are sold with no warranty and all sales are final. We are not responsible for breakage. We do our best to supply a quality product.  


All our bits are designed to have A smooth contact with your horses mouth. We have two styles. The fires the seam does not sit on the tongue and the bar area is smooth. A stainless steel flexible core is wrapped in nylon and then latex to give a soft but safe covering. The core is then wrapped in veg tanned leather. The more you use the bit the softer it becomes.  This bit is designed with your horses comfort in mind.  
All our bits are custom to your specs and can be made in any size. 

Comfort Leather Pelham

Leather Pelham with chain and hooks

Leather Pelham is a bit that can give your horse the comfort of the leather mouthpiece with the added control and leverage of the Pelham. Stainless steel Pelham shanks with a stainless steel core wrapped with nylon and latex and veg tan leather.  This bit sits smooth on the horses tongue and bars.    All our bits are custom to your specs and can be made in any size. 

War Bit

The second style is veg tan leather with no core. It tends to have a thinner profile.

our war bit can be used with or without a head stall/bridle. We do suggest using it with a head stall for your first few rides. Horses with TMJ respond well to this bit.  All our bits are custom to your specs and can be made in any size. 

NEW. Eggbutt snaffle and The Three Ring Gag


We now design an Eggbutt snaffle. Stainless steel eggbutt rings. All our bits are made with veg tan leather. They have a stainless steel core wrapped in nylon and latex for durability and longevity. 

All of our bits are made to your size specs. 

We now have added a Three ring Gag bit to our bits.  It can be made in both styles.  Comfort and Coreless

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This is a new style of bit. This leather bit made from veg tan leather Is thinner and no inner core

This Dee is an example of our coreless Leather Bits. They are 13 MM thick and double stitched with nylon thread.  They are available as Dee, Eggbut, Pelham or Loose rings. Also available in any size.

  Contact us for any questions about our leather bits. We love to talk about your horses. 

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Leather bits are soft. Kindness comes from the riders hands.