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Welcome to Twinholm Equestrian Services

Roy and Sue have been involved with horses and the equine industry all their lives. They have dabled in almost every aspect. 

We offer several Equestrian related services.



We host several shows. Schooling and Trillium at the beautiful centrally located Ancaster fair grounds. 

we course design recognized hunter jumper shows. 

We Steward  recognized shows

We judge unregognized shows 

We manage and do secretarial work for your event. 

Horse blanket wash and repair

We professionally clean and repair horse blankets. Using a industrial washing machine and detergents designed for horse blankets helping extend the use of your blankets. We do all our repairs on industrial sewing machines using quality threads at reasonable prices. 

Twinholm Design wool felt saddle pads

We design and custom make high quality wool felt saddle pads. A more natural product designed for your horses comfort. Our pads are designed to be breathable, easy to care for and extremely durable. Wool felt has numerous benefits for horse and rider. Breathable, antibacterial, absorbs concussion, easy care, durability. We customize all our pads to fit your

for more info on shows, blanket services or pads contact us

Menu / Price List

We are horse people working for horse people.

Wool Felt half pad basic pad 60% wool


($20.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

60% wool felt half pad

our basic model with leather seam

easy care with all the benefits of wool felt

Hst is included in price

Twinholm schooling shows

  Twinholm schooling show dates

 June 2

 July 14

 Aug 4

Sept 8

shows held at Ancaster fair grounds consisting of beginner classes ,hunters and jumpers 

NEW for 2018 jumpers starting at .75 M to 1 M.  Schedule to be posted shortly.  

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Our delicious food supplier

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Twinholm Schooling Show Program

Hunter Divisions


1) Lead Line Walk

2) Lead Line Walk/trot


18" and 2'

3) Hunter Over fences

4) Hunter Over fences

5) Hunter Stake O/F

6) Under Saddle

2'3" and 2'6"

7) Hunter O/F

8) Hunter O/F

9) Hunter Stake O/F

10) Under Saddle

2'9" and 3'

11) Hunter O/F

12) Hunter O/F

13) Hunter Stake O/F

14) Under Saddle

Jumper Divisions

New for 2018 Jumpers

Each Division has a clear Round, Immediate Jump off, Speed class and a Immediate Jump off stake

Hack Div. 

15) Road Hack

16) Show Hack

17) Pleasure Hack

18) Hunter Hack (vertical optional)

Div. .7 M

19) Clear Round

20) Immediate Jump off

21) Speed Class

22) Immediate Jump off Stake

Div.  .8 M

23) Clear Round

24) Immediate Jump Off

25) Speed Class

26) Immediate Jump Off Stake

Div. .9 M

27) Clear Round

28) Immediate Jump Off

29) Speed Class

30) Immediate Jump Off Stake


Beginner Classes $10

Warm up $10 per round

Under saddles $10

Hack Division $10 Per Class

Hunter Over Fences $15 per class

Hunter Stake O/F $20 per class

Jumper clear Round classes $15 can be entered multiple times

Jumper classes $20 per class

Jumper stake classes $25 per class

Great Prizes

Each show we will award the high point rider with a Twinholm Design 1/2 pad

Prizes offered in Many classes

For sponsorship information contact us at


EC rules apply

Approved helmets and proper footwear and weather appropriate dress

Full payment or an open cheque is required to receive a show number

Administration $20 is non-refundable

Entries must enter one class

Scratches or refunds given with Doctors or Vet certificate

Admin fee non- refundable  

No refunds after a class started

Dogs must be under control and leashed

Twinholm Trillium Hunter/jumper Show

 Twinholm shows held at Ancaster fair grounds 

Twinholm Trillium hunter /jumper June 22-24 2018

New for 2018 Twinholm Trillium show is proud to offer T.I.P. awards to registered thoroughbred.

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No upcoming events.

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