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Wool felts

Example of our Wool types.  They are all 1/2" thick so as not to interfere with saddle fit

Why Wool Felt?

We offer 4 different types of felt.  100% Light grey. 1/2" thick.  Has the highest Impact Absorption.  Great for a horse that have a sensitive back.  This Wool felt is soft to touch but maintains its firmness. This pad holds it shape very well and is perfect for a rider riding several horses.

100% Beige Wool Felt is 1/2" thick.  This wool tends to take shape to your saddle and your horses back. It is a great product for that perfect fitting saddle you use on one horse.  Very  easy to clean.

80% Dark Grey Wool has a high impact absortion.  Very Durable and extremely easy to clean.  A great product for a rider riding several horses.  This wool felt maintains its shape but is yielding enough.  A very popular choice.

55% Black wool felt.  1/2" thick.  Our most economical choice.  It is a great choice for the rider who needs just enough protection from a pad without interfering with saddle fit and getting all the benefits of wool felt.  Very easy to clean. Soft to touch and takes shape to your saddle and horse.

Wool felt is a natural product using wool and in certain varieties synthetic materials pressed using heat and moisture into what we know as wool felt.  There are many properties which make wool felt an ideal material for saddle pads.

-Natural wool fibres with no added dyes

-Moisture wicking (can absorb up to 30% of its weight)


-absorbs concussion

-doesn't absorb odour

-shapes to your horse/saddle

-easy care  

Full pad using 100% wool seat and 50% /leather panels

Why Choose 100% wool felt?

-All Natural Wool Fibres

-Softer to touch

- very high shock absorption

-Great Choice for sensitive backs


-moisture wicking

-does not absorb odour

-environmentally friendly

-this pad is an attractive combination pad using 100% wool on the seat and flaps are 25% wool felt and leather panels, the felt under the panels is 3/8" thick giving a closer feel for the rider but maintaining the easy care and an attractive  look for the discerning rider

-regular cut seam

We can design wool felt pads that fit your custom specs giving your horse comfort and you an easy care attractive saddle pad.

The underside of our pads are designed with your horses comfort in mind.

Why choose an wool felt ?

-Soft to touch but a high impact absorption  

-easier to clean, just hose off and air dry

-durable, antibacterial, moisture wicking giving your horse even more comfort in hot or cold climate

-A traditional look of wool felt combined with all the practical benifits

-the underside of our pads demonstrated in the photo shows the leather seam, which allows the pad to move with the horse. 

- the channel relieves spinal and wither


- these pliable natural products allow our pad to form to your horses back and thus do not inhibit his movement or comfort with stiff unyielding rigid ness 

- the channel also allows even more breath ability 

We Design saddle pads or any item you may need

Half Pads

Wool felt half pads designed to meet all your and your horses requirements

Half pads designed with your horses comfort while being easy to use and care for.  Wool felt has been used for centuries by the equine industry for a reason.  Easy care combined with its natural benefits make it the ideal material.  Choose what type of half pad you would like.

Design your 1/2 Pad

Design your custom half pad. Choosing options that create your unique wool felt pad.

Pick your type of wool, your pad leather colour, what options you would like.  Ex.

 - high wither or regular


 -leather trim


Full Pads


Choose your full pads style

-comination as pictured above using 100% wool on the panels and 25%  3/8" thick for a closer feel under the flaps

-or the Traditional pad that is one type of  wool felt of your choice

Design Your Custom Full Pad


Design your custom full pad

-pick style Combination or Traditional

-choose wool type, leather colour, fleece

-high wither option or regular

Our Wool Felt Pads in the Show Ring


Our pads are popular in the show ring.  We can customize whether you  like alot of fleece or less, the colour.  These pads are easy to care for using a pumis stone for dehairing or a simple hosing to wash and make them look new again.

Girth Covers, Western Pads or Custom pads for any Equestrian Sport

We can make Girth covers to fit any girth style or shape

We can design any pad or girth cover or add shims to any  pad to suit your needs  Contact us with your design requirements

Which Wool Felt Pad Suits You & Your Horses Needs

Premium Light Grey 100% 1/2" Wool Felt

Our Premium 100% wool felt
Highest concussion absorption
All the benefits of wool

Our Premium Wool felt.  It is 100% Wool, with no synthetic material. Its actual measurement is 9/16" thick.  It is very soft too touch and with the highest wool content and is a firmer felt having the highest concussion absorption.  This is the ideal wool felt for the sensitive back.  It holds its shape very well and does not compress as much as other felts.  Being 100% you get all the benefits of wool.  

100% Beige 1/2" Wool Felt

100% Wool felt has the benefits of pure wool no additives
Will take shape to horses/saddle fit

Our Beige 100% wool felt is actual 1/2" thickness.  This is an extremely durable, easy to care for felt.  It is made of all natural high quality wool.  It is the ideal felt if you have that perfect fitting saddle but just need a great saddle pad to enhance your ride.  It does take shape to your saddle and your horse.  You still benefit from all the great attributes of wool.

Dark Grey 80% Wool Felt 1/2"

80% wool felt, holds its shape, easy clean and a high concussion absorption

One of our most popular products.  This 80% wool combined with 20% synthetic material is a great product if you need a slightly thicker pad with a firmer feel giving you better concussion absorption combined with an easy to clean and care for pad. This felt is sold as 1/2" but actual thickness is 5/8" thick.  At 80% wool you still get a great pad.

Economical Black 55% Wool Felt

55% wool felt offers you an economical choice
Easy care and still very beneficial

Our Economical Wool felt is a 55% wool 45% synthetic blend.  It is 1/2" thick and slightly less firm as our other felts.   You get the benefits of wool at a lower cost.  This felt is extremely easy to look after and the dark colour is very attractive.  A great pad for a less sensitive horse.  

Choosing a Half Pad Consider All your Options


After you have decided of your felt there are several other options you need to consider.  Which leather colour you prefer.  Brown, Black, Rust or White.  Do you want leather fenders.  Fenders help keep your Half pad from slipping and protect the felt from wear at the edges.  Would you want a traditional look of fleece trim at the back in Natural wool, white or black or would you prefer the finished look of matching leather trim which protects all edges of the pad. 

If you Decide on a Full Pad Your Pad is Fully Custom.

Traditional or Combination Pad. Choose which fits your needs.

If you decide to Design a Fully Custom Full Pad your next decision is Tradition Pad which is made with one type of wool or our Combination Pad which is made of  one of our 4 types of felts combined with a 25% wool that is 3/8" thick black in colour under the flaps.  This reduced thickness gives a closer feel under your leg. This pad has attractive leather accents under the flaps in matching leather.  Pictured below is the pad with 100% grey wool felt under the saddle panels and 3/8" thick 25% wool on the flaps. The image beside that shows the actual thickness of the 25%  wool

Accurate Measurements are crucial for the best fitting pad

Measuring An existing Pad you have or your Saddle

Choose to measure a pad you have.  Send accurate measurements by following instructions under each photo.  Send photos of your saddle sitting on the pad.


Measure your saddle and send us the measurements.  Follow instructions under each photo.  Include a complete side shot of your saddle with the measuring tape visible

Wool Felt Saddle Pad Price List

Pads can be customized to fit any saddle


Wool Felt half pad basic pad 100% wool felt. Buy on line and save on paying HST tax

C$ 140.00

(C$ 20.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

100% wool felt half pad

our basic model with leather seam

easy care with all the benefits of wool felt

Hst is included in price